Government Transparency

The Commissioners and the County value being transparent to the public. We understand we work for you, the taxpayer and are the guardians of your taxpayer dollars. We believe this website will help to increase engagement with the public through several different features and add more information that you are seeking. This website should serve as an online courthouse. This website will be an ongoing building process and will be updated regularly. If you would like to request information to be added to the website please complete a request to the Commissioners by clicking here.

To limit fraud, waste, and abuse the County has developed Internal Financial Controls to safeguard County funds. Additionally, we have developed several other policies that ensure County funds are not abused. For any specific policy please let us know. You may call our office directly at (814) 623-4807.

Additionally, we added to this website several different features, such as our e-notify center. You can subscribe to updates to the website, such as when we post meeting minutes by clicking here. Below are links that you may access that we hope you find helpful.