County Mission

The Mission of Bedford County is to develop, administer, and promote innovative, high quality and solution-oriented services to Bedford County that meets the needs of its citizens in the most accountable, ethical, economical, caring, and professional manner possible that enriches the health, welfare, quality of life, and safety of those who live, work, and raise a family in Bedford County.

Our vision is that Bedford County will deliver County services in the most cost effective, efficient, professional, timely, and caring manner possible, while maintaining a high quality standard to help the people of Bedford County receive the supportive services that they need.

Guiding Principles:
Service: Bedford County values the service we can provide to our citizens. We strive to provide services that are high quality, timely, and efficient for the community. As a County, we continue to seek ways to improve because serving the public is our number one priority.  

Enjoyment: Bedford County believes in providing a harmonious work environment for its employees. All employees should be afforded the opportunity to enjoy their job and find it rewarding to serve the people of Bedford County.

Resourcefulness: The Bedford County Commissioners are the guardians of the citizen’s tax dollars and we believe in finding solutions and providing services in the most cost effective and resourceful manner possible. Bedford County will continue to pursue new ways to obtain our goals with limited resources available.

Values: Our values are what define Bedford County. We strive to ensure we uphold the highest values possible by emphasizing teamwork, respect, and loyalty, among others. Our values reflect Bedford County’s reputation and are essential to our success as individuals, departments, and as a County.

Integrity: Bedford County encourages all of its employees to be responsive, honest, and demonstrate high moral principles while assisting Bedford County citizens.

Character: Bedford County employees should never jeopardize their character and be empowered to provide high quality services to the public. We encourage all employees to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct at all times.

Excellence: Bedford County is committed to providing excellent service that meets the needs of its citizens and communities. It values itself in continually finding ways to improve its services and assistance it provides to the public.