Bedford County Bar Association

The Bedford County Bar Association (BCBA) is the local association for Bedford County Attorneys and a “Unit County” of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. The Constitution of the Bedford County Bar Association was adopted on September 14, 1979 and became effective on January 11, 1980. The Bedford County Bar Association was incorporated in Pennsylvania as a Non-Profit Corporation on August 5, 1991.

As stated in the BCBA Bylaws adopted on August 10, 1992, the Bedford County Bar Association was established to advance the science of juris prudence; to publish a legal newspaper, known as the Bedford County Legal Journal, for the publication of legal advertisements and notices required by law, rule, order or decree of Court to be published in a legal newspaper or official legal periodical as designated by the Court of Common Pleas of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.; to promote the administration of justice; to assist with the maintenance and operation of the Law Library in the Bedford County Courthouse; to engage in public relations activities to enhance the understanding of the public generally about the legal system; to promote the continuing legal education of the members of the association; to advise, assist, recommend, and otherwise contribute toward effective operation of the Courthouse facilities; to advise, assist and recommend to the Court, as appropriate, with respect to the Court’s rule-making capacity and powers; to uphold the honor and dignity of the profession; to cultivate cordial intercourse among the members of the association; to perpetuate the history of the profession in the memory of its members; and such kindred and related purposes as are reasonably derivative to the foregoing general statement of purposes.

The Bedford County Bar’s active membership is comprised of attorneys who are in good standing with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and who maintain a principal or primary office within Bedford County for the practice of law, or are substantially employed as a lawyer in such an office maintained by another. The BCBA also includes an additional category for “Associate Membership” who shall have some reasonable nexus with the practice of law within Bedford County. (See the BCBA Bylaws for more information.) Individuals who wish to become members of the Bedford County Bar Association may submit a written request for membership setting forth the facts and circumstances pertaining to their qualifications for membership to the Secretary of the BCBA.