Commissioner Lang Selected as Panelist at NACO's Legislative Conference

Commissioner, Chairman Josh Lang will be a panelist at the upcoming National Association of Counties (NACO) Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. on March 6th. 

The panel is titled Counties Care: How to Effectively Serve Families in Need.  According to NACO's website, this workshop will bring together county leaders to discuss their work in trying to break this cycle of multigenerational poverty through early childhood development efforts. 

"I'm thrilled to be asked to be a panelist for one of the largest event's of the year that brings county leaders from around the country together", said Lang. "This is a culmination of the hard work and dedication of community members to provide support to families in Bedford County. It is exciting to showcase the many programs that we offer such as our Incredible Years program."

NACO highlighted Bedford County recently in the Counties Care publication, which included the following: Bedford County launched the Unified Family Services System (UFSS) in the late 1990s to better coordinate and plan its services to children and family. The collaborative Board of UFSS, consisting of several community members provides administrative oversight and funding to complement services provided by school districts. The Board  works together to assess the community needs and develop a community action plan to build on community strengths and fill in gaps in child and family services, which UFSS then implements.

UFSS oversees three primary programs that serve all families across Bedford County: "The Incredible Years, "Raising Healthy Children" and "LifeSkills Trainings".  All of these programs are available to all county residents and contribute to breaking the cycle of multigenerational poverty for the nearly 2,000 children living in poverty in Bedford County.

Lyn Skillington, Executive Director for the Unified Family Services Systems of Bedford County said, "Using programs backed with evidence-based research has allowed Bedford County to focus its resources on implementation."

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Lang concluded by saying, "I'm extremely proud of the efforts of UFSS. The work and impact we have made has truly been a collaborative effort."