Phone Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Auditor Carol Miller Archivist (814)-623-2248
Auditors Mary Rowzer Auditor (814)-624-2614
Auditors Karen Williams Auditor (814)-624-2618
Children and Youth Services Lisa Cairo Administrator (814)-623-4804
Commissioners Josh Lang Commissioner (814)-623-4807
Commissioners Barry Dallara Commissioner (814)-623-4807
Commissioners Deb Baughman Commissioner (814)-623-4807
Correctional Facility Troy Nelson Warden (814)-623-2955
Correctional Facility Jason Moore Warden of Administration (814)-623-2955
Correctional Facility Rocky Bernazzoli Warden of Operations (814)-623-2955
Coroner Rusty Styer Coroner (814)-623-1105
District Attorney Lesley Childers-Potts District Attorney lchilders@bedfordcountypaorg._ (814)-623-4855
Domestic Relations Michael Faupel Director (814)-623-4813
Elections Debra Brown Chief Clerk/Director of Elections (814)-623-4807
Emergency Management Dave Cubbison Director (814)-623-1105
Emergency Management Karen Waybright 9-1-1 Coordinator (814)-623-1105
Finance Michael Clapper Administrator (814)-623-4807
Finance Tracey Snyder Assistant Administrator (814)-623-4807
Maintenance Dale Gates Director (814)-624-2612
Planning Don Schwartz Director (814)-623-4827
Planning Rick Suder Senior Planner (814)-623-4827
Planning Terry Stacey CDBG Administrator (814)-623-4827
Planning Rachel Papuga GIS Specialist (814)-623-4827
Probation Keith Bowser Chief Probation Officer (814)-623-4830
Prothonotary Sheri Lowery Prothonotary (814)-623-4833
Prothonotary Brian Way Deputy (814)-623-4833
Public Defender Karen Ritchey Public Defender (814)-623-8606
Register & Recorder J.R. Winck Register of Wills/Recorder of Deeds (814)-623-4836
Sheriff Wayne Emerick, Jr. Sheriff (814)-623-2910
Tax Assessment & Claims Joyce Hillegass Chief Assessor (814)-623-4845
Tax Assessment & Claims Robert Roland Real Estate Assessor (814)-623-4845
Treasurer Melissa Cottle Treasurer (814)-623-4846
Treasurer Shirley Deremer Deputy (814)-623-4846
Veterans Affairs Debra Rose Director (814)-623-4848
Courts Mary Wilt Administrator (814)-623-4812
Archives Makayla (814)-624-0488