The County Planning Department is responsible for a wide array of County functions including subdivision, land development, and sewage module reviews, mapping, County planning efforts, transportation, agricultural conservation easements and administering the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.   The County Planning Department meets with the Planning Commission during monthly public meetings to discuss current activities in the above-mentioned categories.

Contact Information
Don Schwartz, Director

Rick Suder, Senior Planner
Terry Stacey, CDBG Administrator
Rachel Papuga, GIS/Planning Specialist
Sabrina Appel-McMillen, GIS Specialist/Mapper

Phone: (814) 623-4827

Fax: (814) 623-6455

Get to Know Your Planning Commission:
2019 Officers
Wayne Koontz, Chair
Susan Ramirez, Vice-Chair
Pandora Wertz, Secretary
J. R. Barefoot, Treasurer

 Name  Community Area  Term Exprires:
 Pandora Wertz  #1  December 31, 2021
 Charles Swartzwelder  #5  December 31, 2021
 J.R. Barefoot  #8  December 31, 2021
 Kimberley Leydig  #7  December 31, 2019
 Wayne Koontz  #4  December 31, 2019
 Susan Ramirez  #2  December 31, 2019
 Robert Detwiler  #9  December 31, 2020
 Ernest Fuller  #3  December 31, 2020
 Mary Stanley  #6  December 31, 2020

*Community Area Map