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RFP Technology Managed Service Provider Questions
1. Do you know the size of backups needed for your servers? Answer: 17.7TB of Data Storage to backup.

2. Are there any special security requirements, policies, or regulations that the County or specific department needs to comply with? Answer: Many of the county departments utilize software that requires various security measures. The RFP outlines the security requirements that we require of vendors. The county also requires county employees to comply with its technology acceptable use policy.

3. Why is the RFP being released? Answer: Our current contract is reaching its expiration date.

4. Does the county have a purchasing policy requirement? Answer: Yes

5. Are there currently delivering issues? Answer: Refer to language outlined in RFP.

6. Is there a preference between the stated options for support? Answer: Refer to language outlined in RFP.

7. Are there certain selection criteria that you would choose one option over the others? Answer: Refer to language outlined in RFP.

8. Is there a desired budget to update servers to current version? Answer: Refer to language outlined in RFP.

9. Is there any historical data for the volume of support requests that have been made? Answer: In 2019, 1202 tickets were generated and addressed. Approximately 450 were user generated, approximately 300 were scheduled maintenance service/checks, and the remainder were system generated alerts that required some level of investigation or correction.

10. Can we schedule a walk through to assess the current network infrastructure? Answer: Yes, you can schedule a time with the Issuing Officer, Debra Brown at (814) 623-4807.

11. What is the amount spent on average per year or total the last three (3) years in outsourced managed IT Answer: From 2017-2019 the county spent a total of $402,000. As a note, this could also include hardware costs. In 2015, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania conducted an IT Assessment of the county. Our total support costs were approximately $135,000 and hardware costs were approximately $23,000. For our current contract, our maintenance cost in 2017 was $7,511.96 per month, 2018 was $7,714.82 per month, and 2019 was $7,923.77 per month. The total cost in 2019 was $121,360.

12. How many open service items/tickets are there today? Answer: There are 14 open tickets as of today. Six are for end user generated issues.

13. What's the printer fleet situation - owned, leased, a service-  today? Answer: his varies by department and vendor. Many of the printers are leased and owned. 

14. Can you provide a breakdown of tickets per by department? Answer: Click here for the attachment. 

15. What software - on site or cloud based - solutions are in use and for which offices? Are they all current versions, and under vendor support? Answer: Click here for the attachment. 

16. Are any of the current servers Virtual? If so, can you describe the platform and host configuration in use? Answer: Yes, multiple physical host servers hosting multiple virtual machines. Platform is Microsoft Hyper-V (Utilizing Hyper-V replication for 911).

17. When will the bids be publicly opened and read aloud?  The bids are due by 4:30 on February 24th but the RFP isn’t clear as to when they will actually be opened and read aloud. Answer: 10:00 a.m. in room 101 of the courthouse at the Commissioners public meeting. 

18. Do you have an established list of IT priorities for the next year? If so, can you share those? Does the list of priorities and projects include any items that would be considered remediation items? In other words, items (hardware or software( that are in need of being brought up to date for necessary vendor support or cyber security reasons? Answer: The county has established an IT committee that has identified several priorities including increased training in mulitiple areas such as security, further develop IT security protocols, developing IT centralized purchasing, and exploring new emergining technologies. These are just a few of the items. We would like to complete another IT assessment and work to further develop our IT strategy. Exploring server needs is always something the county will look at. 

19. Are any of the 911 or EMA operations expected to be included within the RFP response? Answer: Yes

20.  Exactly what are the functional products and services are provided directly by the current MSP vendor today that would to be replaced in the event of a change in vendors? Answer: Click here for the current MSP contract. 

21. Has an NIST standard cyber security assessment been performed? if no, is one contemplated? Any cyber-security related incidents in the last 12 months? Answer: Yes, within the last two months. 

22. As we are getting close to the RFP Due Date – do you anticipate an extension in the response date? Answer: No, we will accomodate all tours next week that suit your schedule. 

 Description  Opening Date/Time  Closing Date/Time
Technology Managed Service Provider
January 23, 2020 : February 24, 2020 4:30 PM